We continuously strive to give our customers the best of shopping experience through our
website and follow a strict privacy policy. It is advised that the customer read the privacy
policies every time they use this website, to understand how their personal information
provided are used.
By using our website, you will be accepting the privacy policies described hereunder.
Collection of information: The website collects information like names, email
id’s postal addresses etc. which are voluntarily submitted by our customers.
Information sharing: We may share required information to governmental
agencies or relevant establishments to assist us in preventing fraud and
investigative purposes. The information is not shared for marketing purposes.
The information is share usually in the event of:
1. To protect against fraud and unauthorized transactions, or we suspect a
potential fraud.
2. If required by law of the country.
3. For investigative purpose in the event of a fraud already happened.
Data Security: Personal identifiable date provided by you and captured by the
website, will be kept secure. Only authorized company employees and agents
who agree to keep the data secure will have access to the information.

By submitting your email id, you accept to receive our E-newsletters and
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Use of Tracking Technology & Cookies: The site uses tracking technology and
cookies to assemble information on browsing type, operating systems, how
customers make use of the website and to track the number of visitors to the
Cookies helps us to customize the website to make buying experience easier
with customers choices and preference.
Personal data cannot be collected by the tracking technology or cookies, unless
as a customer you have provided identifiable information. Previously and
voluntarily provided information may be tied to the cookies.
If required to enhance the quality of services, aggregate data of Cookies and
Tracking technology may be shared with third party like shipping agents,
payment platforms etc.
We reserves the right to make changes to this policies as and when necessary
to improve and safeguard customers and companies safety, which shall be duly
updated on the website.