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Tulsi tea cut – Holy Basil Dried 30 Gm


Tulsi tea cut – Holy Basil Dried 30 Gm



Holy Basil or Tulsi, the queen of herbs, is a powerful herb with a pleasing aroma and common to Indian sub continent. Tulsi is known for its immunity boosting, antipyretic and analgesic properties besides various other health benefits.

Various researches over time have proven the medicinal qualities of Tulsi in protecting vital organs like Liver, Kidney and Skin from infections. Regular intake of Tulsi which holds a special place in Ayurveda, can control blood pressure & cholesterol levels.



Decoction of Tulsi with ginger juice and honey is highly beneficial for treating upper respiratory ailments like cold, flu, influenzas and bronchitis.

Pure decoction of Tulsi, or added with Cows milk work as an excellent antioxidant, nourishes and soothes the body.

Tulsi can be used in hot and cold beverages, like tea, juices and smoothies, through out all seasons.

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