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Flax Seeds – 200 gm

Flax Seeds – 200 gm


Tattva Global Flax seeds are sorted food grade A quality. This natural source of supplement and is known to be one of the oldest crop, ultivated since the beginning of civilization, Centuries ago, Flax seeds were consumed by soldiers on duty, which shows how powerful and effective the seeds are.

Flax seeds are loaded with nutrients, pure plant based Omega 3, high quality fibre and Lignans.  Regular intake of Flax seeds provide a number of health benefits


Flax Seeds, is considered as one of the oldest natural superfood. Our Flax seeds are collected from Tribal areas and rural farms, which are hygienically processed to bring you the best farm to table experience. Its mild nutty flavor and natural crunchy feel makes it versatile for day to day use on Breakfast cereals, baking cookies & breads, smoothies etc


  • High content of plant based Omega 3 in Flax seeds may work naturally in reducing cholesterol and can improve health.
  • Lignans are compounds which are known to have Oestrogen and anti-oxidant properties that considerably reduces the growth of cancer cells. Various studies prove regular consumption of flax seed may help in preventing breast and prostate cancer, as well as other types of cancer.
  • Packed with high quality fibre, adding flax seeds to your diet aids regular bowel movements and improve digestive health.
  • Being an excellent source of plant-based high quality protein, Flax seeds can be an alternative protein source for people who do not eat meat.
  • Other health benefits include, positive effects on blood pressure, blood sugar and natural weight loss.


  • Flax seeds are best eaten ground or raw as it is, to get maximum benefits. One tablespoon daily can work well as a health supplement.
  • It is a versatile supplement and can be added on cold or hot breakfast cereals, sprinkled on salads, added to smoothies, baking of breads and cookies, yogurt etc.


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