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PARSLEY Dried 30 Gm


PARSLEY Dried 30 Gm



PARSLEY is an adaptable herb with natural diuretic properties and contain loads of Vitamin K, Vitamin B, C and important minerals like Iron and folate, providing multiple benefits for overall health. Rich in Vitamin K, regular use of this herb protect against osteoporosis by maintaining bone mineral density.

Various studies have shown Parsley is extremely useful as a non-toxic treatment for Breast Cancer. Parsley is known to reduce high BP, thus keeping Kidneys in optimum health

Parsley helps to improve Heart health, maintains a smooth wrinkle less & healthy skin, helps digestion and gut health.



Parsley can be used in almost all dishes for flavoring and garnish

Used for rolls, pasta, baking.

Tastes great with garlic for breads, dips etc.


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