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Wayanad Pure Tea Dust (Powder) – 125 gm

Wayanad Pure Tea Dust (Powder) – 125 gm


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Tattva Global Wayanad tea powder/dust as usually known, are traditionally grown by small tribal units for generations, under natural climatic conditions of the Western Ghats. Processed by the best craftsmen, with zero coloring agents, giving its natural & unique aroma and taste. The saplings are grown using ancient techniques using healthy and mature seeds, without any interference of chemical fertilizers or GMO, thus giving the best quality, health benefits and aroma.


It’s a matter of habit & choice. People with habit of having milk tea mostly prefer Tea powder also known as teas dust, as it infuses fully making it stronger. The Wayanad tea powder maintains the same quality with a stronger taste, as they are not taken from the leftovers of tea leaves, but specially powdered for stronger decoction.

Tips: Milk tea consumption, however should be restricted to two cups daily as Milk with Tea makes the drink slightly acidic and over use of which can disturb the pH level in the body.


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