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Thyme – Dried 50 Gm (Thymus vulgaris)

Thyme – Dried 50 Gm (Thymus vulgaris)



THYME is another beautiful herb which comes from Mint family. This versatile herb remained a culinary staple ingredient since ancient time.

THYME contains natural Phytonutrients, Minerals and Vitamins has a wide range of health benefits useful for overall growth of the body and wellness.  A natural anti depressant loaded with Vit B complex, Vit. K, Vit C and useful minerals for the body is a must have kitchen ingredient.

THYME is known to inflammation, resists growth of cancer cells, improves heart health, lowers bad cholesterol, improves gut health treats respiratory ailments, aids in treatment of neurological disorders, rectifies menstrual disorders, maintains oral health etc.


Seasoning of salads, pasta, soup and stir fried vegetables and marinades


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